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Neighborhood Networks

Reyn Rock Neighborhood Network:
"Keeping Seniors Connected in a digital age"
In cooperation with HUD, (dept of Housing and Urban Development) Reyn Rock Plaza has joined the Neighborhood Networks Initiative. With a goal of providing free or low-cost computer access to residents and community residents to empower Seniors and others to take full advantage of education, research employment opportunities available via the internet.
Learning second languages, enhancing job skills, researching health and life-style concerns are just a few of the subjects that are covered in our training sessions. We also are opening an
on-line store to allow our residents to earn extra income by selling unwanted items through on-line auctions and other sources. By learning that computers and the internet offer more benefit than just games and news, our residents have embraced the learning curve.

Reyn Rock’s ownership has invested over $30,000.00 in equipment, infrastructure and remodeling to provide high-speed internet both wired and Wifi as well as 4 PC’s and peripherals for use by Reyn Rock residents who don’t have or can’t afford their own computer and internet access.

To date we have about a 30% utilization rate of residents using the Data Center. Our resident survey, conducted in May of 2008 indicates we will exceed a 50% utilization rate (50% or more of the residents using the center) and we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate expansion up to 100% utilization.

For baby-boomers nearing retirement age, this data center/internet access project is a definite asset when looking for retirement housing options. Coupled with an outstanding residence facility, the access to computers and the internet, that most boomers grew up with, is an exciting combination.

Residents can also connect their own laptops, tablets and other portable devices to the NN wireless access point when they are in the data center. The WiFi is secured and the access code is provided to residents wishing to connect.

Four, IBM workstations with ViewSonic monitors with built-in sound are available 24/7 for residents with our secure key-card access. Data Center also has a security video system linked to the building video system.

A Multi-function color printer for copies, scanning and internet faxing is networked for all Data Center PCs

And our Ceramic "Watch Cat" supervises the area: 

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